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Trampoline & Tumbling Scholarship Program

The members of the Trampoline & Tumbling Program recognize that college-age athletes are essential to our international competitive standing. In order to give these athletes every opportunity to meet the demands of higher education while still training and competing for the program, steps must be taken to help ourselves.

The purpose of the Scholastic Scholarship Program is to provide T&T athletes with funds to continue their education while still training and competing for USA Gymnastics.

Scholarships will be funded by:
  • Contributions from the previous year’s T&T competitions
  • Donations and contributions
  • Fundraisers
  • Named scholarships (accepted on a case-by-case basis)
The Scholastic Scholarship Program mandates that a $1 donation be collected for every athlete participating in a T&T USA Gymnastics sanctioned event where a fee is charged, up to the Regional Championships level. The Meet Director for every T&T sanctioned event will be required to forward this donation for each participant to USA Gymnastics. This $1 per athlete will be donated to the National Gymnastics Foundation T&T Scholastic Scholarship Fund.

The Process
50-100% of the funds collected from sanctioned events for the T&T scholarship will be awarded within one year of collection, with the remaining percentage to go into an endowment fund to assure the continuation of the Scholarship program. The Scholarship Committee may allocate funds to athletes in any amount as deemed appropriate.

A sub-committee of four USA Gymnastics Professional members will choose scholarship recipients. The voting members of the Scholarship Committee will consist of:
  • Chair of the Scholarship Committee (selected by the Program Committee)
  • A member of the Program Committee (selected by the Program Committee)
  • A member of the T&T Community (selected by the Program Committee)
  • Athlete Representative, retired from competition for 10 years or less and over the age of 18
The T&T Program Director, T&T Program Manager and T&T Program Committee Chair are all ex-officio members of the Scholarship Committee.

Can an Individual Make Donations to the T&T Scholastic Scholarship Program?
Absolutely! All contributions to the USA Gymnastics T&T Scholastic Scholarship Program are welcomed and are tax deductible. What a wonderful way to directly support deserving athletes while contributing to the growth of T&T in the United States. Click here for donation information.