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Elite Drop Back process updated
posted on 01/28/2020
A U.S. Elite gymnast (an athlete who has competed as a Junior or Senior International Elite in a Classic Meet, Junior World Trails, or higher) who wants to enter the JO Program MUST petition to drop back to the JO program, regardless of the year of competition, by sending a “reason for change” letter OR completing the ELITE DROP BACK PETITION form FROM HER COACH to the National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman. For Information regarding Foreign Athlete (Elite or non-elite) participation in the Junior Olympic Program, please refer to Chapter 2, page 26 in the Women’s Program Rules and Policies.
  1. All petitions must be received at least three weeks prior to the Level 10 State Meet.
  2. The National Junior Olympic Committee will review the petition and the Chairman will notify the coach of the acceptance/denial of the petition and will copy the respective State and Regional Administrative Committee Chairmen and the Regional Technical Committee Chairman.
  3. Accepted petitioned athletes may not re-enter the Elite/Pre-Elite Program during the Elite competitive year (through Championships of the year in which she competes Level 10).
  4. Clarification: An elite athlete dropping back into the JO program is considered a JO athlete when she enters her first USA Gymnastics sanctioned event as a Level 10 athlete AFTER the petition has been granted.
  5. All scores obtained before the petition is granted are INVALID for qualification to State Championships and above in the current season.