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2020 Women’s Program Committee Nominations
posted on 01/17/2020

Nominations are now being accepted for the Women’s Program Committee Chairman (WPCC), National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC), and International Elite Committee Chairman (IECC).

Please see below for a list of criteria for these positions:

Women’s Program Committee Chairman (WPCC) – oversees Women’s Program Committee (WPC)

  1. Must have served as a member of the Women’s Program Committee (WPC) for a minimum of four (4) years.
  2. May be a current voting member of the Women’s Program Committee (WPC)
  3. Must be actively involved in the Women’s Program as a coach, judge or administrator.
National Administrative Committee Chairman (NACC) – oversees Administrative Committee (AC)
  1. Must have been a member on the National Administrative Committee (NAC) for a minimum of four (4) years.
International Elite Committee Chairman (IECC) – oversees International Elite Committee (IEC)
  1. Must have been a designated Head or Assistant Coach at a World Championships or Olympic Games and
  2. A previous member of the International Elite Committee (IEC). (Personal coaches at Worlds or Olympic Games are not eligible.)
All nominees must be: professional members of the Women’s Program, at least 21 years old, and in good standing for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to the nomination.

Please click here for a call for nominations form for these positions. This form is fillable; please type in your nominations, save to your computer, and then email back to the Women’s JO Program Director Christy Naik at no later than March 15th, 2020. Any nomination received after that date will NOT be considered for the 2020 election. In addition, to ensure that all nominees have an interest in being a part of this nomination process, the nominator should notify the person BEFORE they submit a nomination form.