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Acro & Tumbling Athletes of the Week – 15-17, 2019
Awards are given by NCATA office.

Player of the Week
Addie Lacewell - Oregon
Lacewell, a sophomore base from Naperville, Ill., competed in 10 heats to help second-ranked Oregon picked up a crucial win over No. 3-ranked Quinnipiac on Sunday afternoon. Lacewell helped Oregon score a 9.50 or higher in seven different heats during the victory, including a perfect-10 in the compulsory toss, and 9.90 in the compulsory pyramid. Lacewell was also apart of three heats that scored a 9.80 for the Ducks, including five-element acro, six-element acro, and the open pyramid.

Specialist of the Week
Kelsey Kyle - Fairmont State
Kyle, a senior base from Parsons, W.Va., starred in the pyramid event to help Fairmont State improve to 2-0 on the season with a win over Concordia last Friday. Kyle competed as a mid-base in the inversion pyramid that scored a 9.80, and also was a mid-base in the open pyramid that scored a perfect-10 for the second-consecutive meet for the Falcons.

Freshman of the Week
Catherine Reynolds - Fairmont State
Reynolds, a freshman top and tumbler from Fairfax, Va., competed in six heats and team event during the Falcons win over Concordia. Her score of 9.675 in the six-element individual tumbling pass highlighted her performance – as she became the first NCATA athlete to perform the skill, which had a start value of 10.0. Reynolds also competed in the six-element acro, inversion pyramid, and synch pyramid, each scoring a 9.75 or higher during the meet. Reynolds competed as a top, tumbler and base during the meet.