Ciena Alipio
Birthdate: 3/7/2004
Program: Women's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: San Jose, CA
Club: West Valley Gymnastics School
Head Coach: Paul Duron & Judy Zhuo
Personal Information
Nickname: C
Birthplace: San Jose, CA
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Name of High School: Laurel Springs
High School Graduation Year: 2022
College Graduation Year: 2026
Year you began gymnastics: 2007
Favorite Event: Floor & Beam
How did you get involved in gymnastics: I was always trying to do handstands in the house and I had lots of energy, so I was put in gymnastics.
Favorite thing about gymnastics: Learning new skills.
What are your goals for gymnastics?: Continue to be on the National Team & someday competing in college
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Linda and Dante
Names of sibling(s): Eric
Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite school subject: English
Hobbies or favorite activities: Hanging out with my family, traveling & camping
Favorite music: Adele & Billie Eilish
Favorite movie(s): Stick It, Step Up 3 & Parent Trap
Favorite TV show(s): So You Think You Can Dance & The Flash
Favorite Food: Fruit, steak & Disneyland pickles
Other sports involvement: Dance
National Competition Results
International Competition Results