Julie Zetlin
Birthdate: 6/30/1990
Program: Rhythmic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Bellevue, WA
Head Coach: Olga Kutuzova
Career Highlights

Personal Information
Nickname: Juju, Coconut Butterfly, Julic
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Twitter: @JulieZetlin
Year you began gymnastics: 1994
Favorite Event: rope, clubs, hoop, but mostly depends on the routine
How did you get involved in gymnastics: my mom was a rhythmic gymnast in Hungary, so when she found a rhythmic club, she took me out of artistic and enrolled me in rhythmic. After I starteed I didn't want to stop.
Favorite thing about gymnastics: traveling the world,performing, representing the USA, meeting new people, competing
What are your goals for gymnastics?: to make World Championships, and go to the Olympics, and always perform to the best of my ability, and to always do it from my heart
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Zsuzsi:mom private aerobics instructor, Mark:dad car sles manager for mercedes,
Names of sibling(s): Sherri:sister, student, born February 22,1986, was a rythmic gymnast too
Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite school subject: English
Hobbies or favorite activities: dance, modeling, acting, performing,
Favorite music: I like almost all music, except for metal and country
Favorite TV show(s): America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, The OC, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite Food: Chinese/Thai Food, Fruit, Tea
Charity Involvement: Tiger Missing Link Foundation: my mother foundation, help coaching at my gym, help out at competitions
National Competition Results
International Competition Results