Amelia Hundley
Birthdate: 1/21/1998
Program: Women's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Hamilton, OH
Head Coach: Mary Lee Tracy
Other Coaches: Amy Wert
Career Highlights

Personal Information
Nickname: Meels
Birthplace: hamilton, OH USA
Hometown: hamilton, OH USA
Name of High School: Homeschool
High School Graduation Year: 2016
Name of College: Florida
Favorite Event: Floor
How did you get involved in gymnastics: My family owns a dance studio and my mom teaches the tumbling classes. I would tumble all the time!
Favorite thing about gymnastics: friends, traveling, coaches
What are your goals for gymnastics?: National Team, college gymnastics
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Mike & Sharon Hundley
Names of sibling(s): Conor, Steeler, Tucker
Family members in sports: Football, Basketball, & Baseball
Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite school subject: math
Hobbies or favorite activities: dancing, crafts, swimming
Favorite music: All - Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Selen Gomez, etc...
Favorite book(s): Pretty Little Liars
Favorite movie(s): Just Go With It
Favorite TV show(s): Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Food: Steak
Other sports involvement: dance
National Competition Results
International Competition Results