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Jaden Bottarini
Birthdate: 1/1/2007
Program: Men's Artistic
Level: Level 8 (11-12)
Current Residence: Valley village, CA
Club: Gymnastics Olympica USA
Head Coach: Paul Sargsyan
Other Coaches: Arthur, Capri,Nico
About Jaden Bottarini
Nickname: J
Birthplace: Beverly Hills, CA
Hometown: Studio City, CA

Year you began gymnastics: 2010
Favorite Event: Pommel Horse
How did you get involved in gymnastics: I was very wild as a toddler and I would climb the walls! My mom enrolled me in gymnastics to get out my energy.
Favorite thing about gymnastics: My favorite thing about gymnastics is that it's always changing, every day is different and there is always something new to learn and conquer!
What are your goals for gymnastics?: My goal is that I would like to be an Olympic Champion for Team USA. I would like to win Gold in the All Around.
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Michelle, Christopher
Names of sibling(s): Hudson and Harlow
Family members in sports: Hudson,Harlow,mom and dad
Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite school subject: Social Studies
Hobbies or favorite activities: Besides gymnastics, soccer, basketball and video games with my friends.
Favorite music: rap
Favorite book(s): The “I survived “ series
Favorite movie(s): Infinity War
Favorite TV show(s): The Office
Favorite Food: Orange chicken
Charity Involvement: St.Judes and I want to start my own charity to help kids get into sports programs
Other sports involvement: I use to be on the USC Trojan Dive team with head coach Hong Ping Lee and than I chose to concentrate on gymnastics. I also played soccer and swim tea
National Competition Results
  • 2019 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Reno, Nev. - 1st-AA, SR(T), VT, PB; 4th-FX(T), HB; 5th-PH (JE L8 Age 12)
  • 2018 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Oklahoma City, Okla. - 1st-AA, FX; 2nd-PH, SR, PB; 5th-HB (JE L8 Age 11)
International Competition Results
Videos of Jaden Bottarini
  • Women: AA = All Around | VT = Vault | UB = Uneven Bars | BB = Balance Beam | FX = Floor Exercise | (T) = Tie
  • Men: AA = All Around | FX = Floor Exercise | PH = Pommel Horse | SR = Still Rings | VT = Vault | PB = Parallel Bars | HB = Horizontal Bars | (T) = Tie
  • Rhythmic: AA = All Around | RP = Rope | HP = Hoop | BA = Ball | CL = Clubs | RB = Ribbon | (T) = Tie
  • Acro: DY = Dynamic | BL = Balance | AA = All Around/Combined
  • T&T: TR = Trampoline | TU = Tumbling | DM = Double Mini | SY = Synchronized Trampoline