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Shawn Johnson East
Birthdate: 1/19/1992
Program: Women's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Nashville, TN
Head Coach: Liang Chow
Other Coaches: Liwen Zhuang
Career Highlights
  • In 2012, came in second on the 15th season of Dancing with the Stars (All-Stars edition)
  • 2011 Pan American Games team gold medalist and uneven bars silver medalist
  • Won four medals at the 2008 Olympics: Gold (balance beam) and silver (team, all-around and floor exercise).
  • Won three gold medals at the 2007 World Championships - team, all-around and floor exercise.
  • One of six U.S. women to win the world all-around crown, along with Kim Zmeskal (1991), Shannon Miller (1993-94), Chellsie Memmel (2005), Bridget Sloan (2009) and Jordyn Wieber (2011).
  • 2008 U.S. all-around and floor exercise champion and balance beam silver medalist.
  • 2007 U.S. all-around, balance beam and floor exercise champion and uneven bars bronze medalist.
  • 2007 American Cup all-around champion.
  • Voted Iowa's most famous living sports figure by the "Des Moines Register" in 2010.
  • Won the 79th AAU James E. Sullivan Award in 2009.
  • Carried the torch during the torch run for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
  • 2009 "Dancing with the Stars" champion and 2012 runner-up.
  • 2009 ESPY for Best U.S. Female Olympian.
  • 2008-09, 2011 Teen Choice's Female Athlete.
About Shawn Johnson East
Nickname: SJ
Hometown: West Des Moines, IA
Personal Website:
Twitter: @ShawnJohnson
Year you began gymnastics: 1995
Favorite Event: Balance Beam
How did you get involved in gymnastics: My mom says, "The wild child just needed something to do!"
Favorite thing about gymnastics: How it shapes you as a person and pushes you to your limit. It has taught me so much and opened up so many opportunities and career paths for me.
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Doug and Teri Johnson
Names of sibling(s): Tori Bronson is my cousin but my sister at heart and is the best supporter ever!
Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite school subject: English
Hobbies or favorite activities: College football, shopping, hanging with friends and family
Favorite music: Country Music
Favorite book(s): You Go Girl
Favorite TV show(s): Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars
Favorite Food: Sushi and strawberries
Charity Involvement: Cancer research, March of Dimes, Make a Wish, Girl Effect and board member of Women's Sports Foundation.
National Competition Results
  • 2011 Visa Championships, Saint Paul, Minn. - 4th-BB; 6th-UB
  • 2011 CoverGirl Classic, Chicago, Ill. -
  • 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics, Philadelphia, Pa. - 1st-AA, BB, FX; 2nd-VT; 4th-UB
  • 2008 Visa Championships, Boston, Mass. - 1st-AA, FX; 2nd-BB; 5th-UB
  • 2007 Visa Championships, San Jose, Calif. - 1st-AA, BB, FX; 3rd-UB
  • 2006 Visa Championships, St. Paul, Minn. - 1st-AA, VT, BB, FX; 2nd-UB (Jr. Div.)
  • 2006 U.S. Classic, Kansas City, Kan. - 1st-AA; 2nd-VT, FX; 3rd-BB(T) (Jr. Div.)
  • 2005 Visa Championships, Indianapolis, Ind. - 10th-AA; 4th-VT; 9th-UB (Jr. Div.)
  • 2005 U.S. Classic, Virginia Beach, Va. - 3rd-AA, BB
  • 2004 Women's Junior Olympic Level 10 National Championships, Kissimmee, Fla. - 1st-BB; 2nd-FX; 4th-AA; 4th-VT
International Competition Results
  • 2011 Pan American Games, Guadalajara, Mexico - 1st-Team; 2nd-UB
  • 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, China - 1st-BB; 2nd-Team, AA, FX
  • 2008 Tyson American Cup, New York, N.Y. - 2nd-AA
  • 2008 Italy-Spain-Poland-USA competition, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-Team, AA
  • 2007 World Championships, Stuttgart, Germany - 1st-Team, AA, FX; 8th-BB
  • 2007 Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 1st-Team, AA, UB, BB; 2nd-FX
  • 2007 Tyson American Cup, Jacksonville, Fla. - 1st-AA
  • 2007 USA vs Great Britain International Competition, Lisburn, Ireland - 1st-Team, AA, BB; 2nd-VT
  • 2006 Junior Pan American Championships, Gatineau, Que., Canada - 1st-Team, BB, AA; 2nd-UB, FX (Jr. Div.)
  • 2006 International Gymnix, Montreal, Que., Canada - 1st-FX; 2nd-VT, 3rd-AA; 5th-UB
  • 2006 Pacific Alliance Championships, Honolulu, Hawaii - 1st-Team, AA, VT, FX; 2nd-BB (Jr. Div.)
  • 2006 USA/Japan/New Zealand Competition, Houston, Texas - 1st-AA, VT, BB; 2nd-FX; 3rd-UB
  • 2005 Top Gym Competition, Charleroi, Belgium - 1st-AA, VT, FX
Videos of Shawn Johnson East
  • Women: AA = All Around | VT = Vault | UB = Uneven Bars | BB = Balance Beam | FX = Floor Exercise | (T) = Tie
  • Men: AA = All Around | FX = Floor Exercise | PH = Pommel Horse | SR = Still Rings | VT = Vault | PB = Parallel Bars | HB = Horizontal Bars | (T) = Tie
  • Rhythmic: AA = All Around | RP = Rope | HP = Hoop | BA = Ball | CL = Clubs | RB = Ribbon | (T) = Tie
  • Acro: DY = Dynamic | BL = Balance | AA = All Around/Combined
  • T&T: TR = Trampoline | TU = Tumbling | DM = Double Mini | SY = Synchronized Trampoline