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Brandie Jay
Birthdate: 11/26/1993
Program: Women's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Ft Collins, CO
Head Coach: Gene and Lorraine Koehnke
Career Highlights
  • 2012 U.S. vault silver medalist
  • 2011 Pan American Games team and vault gold medalist
About Brandie Jay
Birthplace: Fort Collins, CO United States
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO United States
Twitter: @BranJJay
Name of High School: Rocky Mountain High School
High School Graduation Year: 2012
Name of College: University of Georgia-Athens
Year you began gymnastics: 1996
Favorite Event: Bars
How did you get involved in gymnastics: My grandpa picked me up from preschool one day to find me hanging upside down on the rings by my legs so he put me in gymnastics to teach me how to fall.
Favorite thing about gymnastics: Everything..........if I have to pick just one it would be learning new skills.
What are your goals for gymnastics?: To go as far as I can!
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Teresa Jay
Names of sibling(s): Jennifer Jay, David Jay
Family members in sports: My siblings have participated in many different sports.
Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite school subject: Math/English
Hobbies or favorite activities: Swimming, babysitting, coaching, horses
Favorite music: Country
Favorite book(s): The Last Song, many many more :)
Favorite movie(s): Stick it! Shes the man, The last song,
Favorite TV show(s): Make it or Break it! Rookie Blue, Combat Hospital, NCIS, Criminal Minds
Charity Involvement: Volunteer for many animal rescues and for special olympics, also for many local events.
National Competition Results
  • 2016 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, Fort Worth, Texas - 1st-VT(T); 6th-Team
  • 2015 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, Fort Worth, Texas - 7th-VT
  • 2014 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, Birmingham, Ala. - 5th-Team
  • 2013 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships, Los Angeles, Calif. - 6th-Team
  • 2012 Visa Championships, St. Louis, Mo. - 2nd-VT
  • 2012 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 5th-VT; 6th-AA, UB(T); 7th-FX
  • 2011 Visa Championships, Saint Paul, Minn. - 3rd-VT; 7th-UB
  • 2011 CoverGirl Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 2nd-VT (2 vaults); 9th-AA(T)
  • 2011 American Classic, Huntsville, Texas - 1st-VT; 3rd-AA; 4th-UB; 7th-BB
  • 2010 Women's Junior Olympic Level 10 National Championships, Dallas, Texas - 1st-VT, 4th-BB 2nd-FX, 1st-AA
International Competition Results
  • 2011 Pan American Games, Guadalajara, Mexico - 1st-Team, VT; 6th-AA
  • 2011 Woga Classic - 1st-VT, 3rd-UB, 6th-BB, 4th-FX, 2nd-AA
  • Women: AA = All Around | VT = Vault | UB = Uneven Bars | BB = Balance Beam | FX = Floor Exercise | (T) = Tie
  • Men: AA = All Around | FX = Floor Exercise | PH = Pommel Horse | SR = Still Rings | VT = Vault | PB = Parallel Bars | HB = Horizontal Bars | (T) = Tie
  • Rhythmic: AA = All Around | RP = Rope | HP = Hoop | BA = Ball | CL = Clubs | RB = Ribbon | (T) = Tie
  • Acro: DY = Dynamic | BL = Balance | AA = All Around/Combined
  • T&T: TR = Trampoline | TU = Tumbling | DM = Double Mini | SY = Synchronized Trampoline