Permanently Ineligible Members
The following Membership Statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics:

Membership in USA Gymnastics is a privilege granted by USA Gymnastics. That privilege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member's conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the best interest of the sport of gymnastics and of the athletes we are servicing.

The following former professional members are permanently ineligible for membership within USA Gymnastics. Based on an amendment of Article 10.16 to the USA Gymnastics Bylaws, beginning January 1, 2012, any individual who is declared ineligible will have the USA Gymnastics' Bylaw, rule, regulation or policy that was violated and resulted in his/her expulsion listed next to his/her name.

Name State Violation
Ray Adams FL Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Julian Amaro CA
Charles Theodore Bates MN
James Bell WA
Morgan Bennett TX Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Kristopher Berry SC
Jeffrey Bettman OR Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Steve Biondo LA Code of Ethical Conduct II.F./II.H.
Phillip Bishop MI
Patrick Bogan MD
Douglas Boger CA
Paul Bollinger MD Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Joseph Bowers OH
Shawn Bowlden IL
Bryan Brown IL Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Christopher A. Brown IL/CA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Vince Brown SC
Thomas Burdash KY Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Keith Callen PA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Michael Cardamone IL Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Joseph Catrambone NJ SafeSport Code for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement, III.A.2.
Darin Caviness OH Bylaw 9.2 (a) (i)
Charity Christensen UT Code of Ethical Conduct II.D
Edward Trey Coniff TX
Lyndsey Wesley Cox TX Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
James Craig III CO
Thad Cypher MI
Vannie Edwards AR Bylaw 9.1(c)
Steven Elliott TX
Anthony Engelke PA
Daniel Erb PA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Matthew H. Erichsen WA
Rick Feuerstein CA
Christopher Ford VA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
William Foster AL
Joseph Fountain MD
Neil Frederick MD Bylaw 9.2 (a) (i)
Roy Larry Gallagher PA
Todd Gardiner IL Code of Ethical Conduct II.H, and II.I
Robert Allen (Bob) Garner TN
Sean Gilham CA
Timothy Glas NE
Ricardo “Chico” Goddard NY
Nathaniel Goodale VT Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Marcelo Guimaraes TX
Vernor Gumila IL
Richard Gustafson OR Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Johnny Gutierrez TX Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Paul Hagan MI
Robert Dean Head KY
Ted Hicks TN
Michael Hinton TN
Nicholas Hitchcock MI
Robert Hoefer FL
Frank Hohman, Jr. PA
Milos Hroch CA
Steven L. Infante CT
Faye Lorraine aka Heather Kristian King PA Code of Ethical Conduct II.D./II.F.
Dana Koppendrayer FL
Nolan Knuckles AZ Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Zac Lawson IL Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Jeffrey LeFevre MI Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Ronnie Lewis AR
Jung Min Lim PA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Johnathan Mackie CA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Parker Madison TX Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
William McCabe GA
Dean McCollum CO Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Joel Mertes TX Code of Ethical Conduct II.H.
Jason Miguel Mesa CA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Robert Mollock OR
John S. Moore WV
Gregory Muller ID
William Munsinger MN
Larry Nassar MI Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
William Newcom GA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Jeena Nilson UT
Paul O'Neill CA
Patrick Okopinski WI
Marian Penev NY
William M. Permenter FL
Don Peters CA
Timothy Picquelle CA
Cynthia Posmoga PA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Vincent Pozzuoli CT Bylaw 9.2 (a)
David Pyles AZ
Sandro Ramos OK Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
David Reiakvam CA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Jeffrey Richards FL
Rudy Rodriguez CA
Miguel Rosario NY Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
John H. Row
aka John Howard
Gabriel Salazar TX
Adam Savignano NJ Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Mark Schiefelbein TN
Jason Scofield CA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Robert Shawler CA
Steve Shirley MO
Steven Todd Siegel CO
Ronald Smith TX Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Blake Steven Starr UT
Paul Summers OK
Mark Swift FL
Freddie Eugene Tafoya, Jr. CA
Thomas Tellez NY Code of Ethical Conduct II.H.
Jon Oliver Kenneth Thomas VA
Phillip Thompson NC Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Jay Thomas LA
Brian Townsend LA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Brent Trottier WA
Bruce Unger TX Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Jon Valdez IL
Anthony Van Kirk CA
Joel Velasquez OR
Jose Vilchis IL Bylaw 9.3
David Paul Waage OR
Chris Wagoner TX
Jeremy Waldridge OR
Brooklyn Walters IN
Russell Wallace CT
Steve Waples TX
Derek Waskowski OH Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Donald Watts KY
Patrick Wehrung CA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Mike West WA
Jonathan White CA
Lyf Christian Wildenberg MN
Bill Witthar MO
Joel Woodruff TX
James Woollums AZ Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Daniel Zera NY Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)
Daniel Zmrzel CA Bylaw 9.2 (a) (iii)